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"I could not have asked for a better Maternity photo shoot!! These ladies not only made me feel comfortable and beautiful but also had amazing ideas for shots. The photos came out exactly as I had hoped and the entire process was special, fun and beautiful. Thank you!!!"

— Gabriella, November 6, 2015

"What can I say? The pictures speak for themselves. My maternity shoot was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had... I had the privilege of being photographed by two amazing women. Silvana and Melissa made everything so comfortable for me. I was a little nervous and they nipped that in the butt. lol Working with them is like being around family and I love that. They never treated me like a client. I will be using them for my wedding and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much for everything!"

— Jessica, September 30, 2015

"SX Studios was the best! They did my engagement photoshoot, and even though it was surprisingly windy and cold, the pictures look flawless. They knew exactly what to do, and where to place us, so that the setting looked natural and the sunlight worked perfectly. My Fiancée (aahh!) and I were very impressed, not only with their professionalism, but also with their relaxed yet effective style. We didn't feel rushed at all, they were patient with us when we needed to take a short brake to recharge, and when I needed to fix my hair…over and over again. I will definitely use them for my wedding, and celebrations to come!"

— Carmen & Aczel, March 19, 2015

“The services from SX Studios were very professional and I loved the way they handled my new born during the photo shoot. They provide excellent service and I felt very comfortable leaving my new born in their hands during the photo session. I will use them again in the future. Thanks again SX Studios.”

— Jasmine, February 21, 2015

“I hired SX to capture my proposal to my soon to be wife. They were flexible with timing and did everything I asked of them. The photos were immaculate and creative. I feel as though they captured our personalities and emotions in each photo. We will always have these photos to look back on to remember a wonderful moment in our lives. Great work.”

— Tom & Nicole, August 22, 2014

“Well, there is so much to say about SX Studios but i will try to keep it brief. SX studios shot my engagement photos as well as my wedding day. I had a bridal party of 18 and they managed all of us perfectly and professionally. Silvana worked well with my videographer and planned amazing shots that unfortunately we were not able to do due to the weather but she had a plan B already prepared and the photos still came out gorgeous. They are definitely work horses. She is quick, organized, professional and detail oriented. Melissa was very attentive to mine and my husbands needs during the wedding and helped everything move along smoothly. love them. hire them. My photos bring tears to my family and friends eyes because she captured the love in all of them. Love them. Hire them. They are excellent!”

— Tara & Brian, July 19, 2014

Freedom Run Winery – Lockport, New York

“SX studios is beyond! They made our engagement shoot and wedding day ones we will never forget. They caught every unexpected moment. I look back at the pictures and feel right back in the moment. So professional, courteous, on time, and goes above and beyond the call. Can't wait to be shot by them over and over again. Thank you for everything!! We are so grateful.”

— Raquel & Jarek, June 20, 2014

“In this Twitter world of abbreviating everything, professional excellence has been shortened to SX. From start to finish, I felt like we were getting the same treatment the Obamas would receive. As someone who isn't too comfortable in front of the camera, my nerves were quickly put at ease by a photographer that looked past the technical aspect of getting the shot by really focusing on the energy of the subject and using fun and creative ideas. What I loved most about the pictures are how candid they turned out. We barely remember seeing her unless she was setting up a particular shot but they all turned out like she was right in the middle of everything. Smiles, dips and spills were all caught by her sharp eye and lightening quick finger. One of my biggest fears was having the same run-of-the-mill trashing of the dress pictures that everyone else has. To ensure that we would not end up being another cookie cutter couple, she woke up at 5am to take some brilliant shots with us, not once complaining or seeming tired, which was impressive considering how hard we partied the night before. The reception pictures were AMAZING too. We were blown away by how vibrant and energetic they looked. The beach shots after the ceremony were also great. She utilized everything our surroundings offered, turning stock stand and smile pictures into lively kinetic ones bursting with genuine smiles. All our suggestions were taken into consideration and the photographer did her best to make them happen. Long story short, I would definitely hire SX Studios for all my weddings :)” 

— Quitisha & Johan, October 28, 2013

The Royal – Cancun, Mexico

"SX Studios are awesome. It was a pleasure having Silvana and her photography and videography crew shoot my wedding in South Beach, Staten Island. She was very familiar with the area, and knew all the perfect spots for beautiful photos. She was very professional, calm and patient with all my guests, and with me and my wife as well. The photos looked so natural with beautiful lighting and various backgrounds. My engagement shoot came out great too. The shots by the Brooklyn Bridge park came out great, especially the silhouette photos. Thanks SX Studios. I will recommend your studio to all my friends and family for weddings coming up!"

— Siham & Shady, November 11, 2012

The Vanderbilt at South Beach – Staten Island, New York

“We were so happy to have SX studio as our professional wedding photographers! They really made us feel comfortable. They were professional yet friendly, like part of the family! We are so thankful they were able to capture our special day!”

— Ignayra & Mauro, June 2, 2012


— Giulia & Matteo, April 4, 2012

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